2019 IHL Course Registration

 No  Courses  Date Registration
 1 International Humanitarian Law for Academicians  19-21 February 2019 Registration close
 2 International Humanitarian Law on Terrorism and Counter Terrorism  16-18 April 2019 Registration close
3 Detention in Security Operations  22-24 October 2019        Registration open

Detention in Security Operations Course

22-24 October 2019

Marine Centre, UPNM



The course will provide an in-depth study of detention aspect in the security operation. Course highlights include the differences between the Detainees, Prisoner of Wars and Internees, the Detention Standards of the Police Force, the general aspect of detention in a security operation, the Mandela Rules with regards to the treatment of Prisoners, the Role of the Prison Authority in Security Operation and the challenges faced by Immigration Authority in respect of illegal immigrants. The participants also will be exposed to the mandate of the ICRC and their functions in helping the Detainees. Finally, the participants will be exposed to the findings of the Royal Commission for death in custody.



The aims of the course are to enable the participants to comprehend the legal basis for the detention in the security operation, the exposure to the minimum standards required by the Law in respect of detention and the challenges faced by the authorities in implementing those standards. The comprehension of the topic would be beneficial to the participants involved in the handling of detainees.


1.       Provide basic knowledge with regard to the detention in a security operation.

2.       Comprehend understanding of the roles played by various government authorities in dealing with detainees specifically in a security operation.

3.       Analyse the challenges faced by the authorities in the handling of the and the detainees.



Civilian RM 300.00

UPNM Staff RM 200.00

Student (IPTA/IPTS)/Military RM 150.00