2019 IHL Course Registration

 No  Courses  Date Registration
 1 International Humanitarian Law for Academicians  19-21 February 2019 Registration close
 2 International Humanitarian Law on Terrorism and Counter Terrorism  16-18 April 2019 Registration close
 3 Human Rights in Internal Security Operations Course
4 Detainee in Operation Course  22-24 October 2019  
5 Protection of non – Combatants in Conflict Zones    

Human Rights in Internal Security Operations Course

24-26 September 2019



Internal security operations are a global phenomenon. Those acts carried out by the domestic security agents such as the Police, Customs Service, Immigration Service, and others, for the purpose of containing domestic threats to the security of the country. These threats often relate to dire cases of riots, demonstrations, strikes, communal clashes, terrorism, and the likes, which normally fall outside the constitutional duty of the military.

For instance, it is the duty of the Police to maintain law and order within the society. The Police Act 1967 provides the general duties of the police as the preservation of law and order, the protection of life and property and the due enforcement of all laws and regulations with which they are directly charged. In the wake of the events of September 11th, the task of reconciling issues of security with a respect for fundamental human rights has emerged as one of the key challenges facing governments throughout the world. Although the issues raised by the rise of security have been the subject of considerable academic interest, to date much of the debate surrounding the impact of security on human rights has taken place within particular disciplinary confines.


The course is aimed to expose the course participants to the importance of human rights while conducting the internal security operations.


At the end of this course, the course participants are able :

     3.1     To establish the possible connection between internal security operations and human right abuses.

     3.2     To provide a deeper understanding of the constitutional role of the military in the management of internal crisis and their prospects for non-violations of human rights.

     3.3     To advance argument for the development of fresh interest in internal security operations and human rights abuses.


The following are the target participants for this course:

     4.1     Military personnel

     4.2     Police personnel

     4.3     Immigration Department

     4.4     Custom Department

     4.5     Border Control Agency (AKSEM)

     4.6     Universities Lecturer