The course aims to equip military leaders, legal professionals, and decision-makers with a comprehensive understanding of the legal frameworks and principles that govern the use of force in armed conflicts and other military operations. This specialized training encompasses international humanitarian law, human rights law, and other relevant legal regimes, providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate complex legal issues inherent in military engagements. It consists of a combination of presentations and syndicate discussions. The proposed topics seek to illuminate the legal framework that confers exceptional powers for the exceptional situation of conflict and provide helpful guidance in the use and application of these powers during different phases of military operations i.e., preparation, planning, execution, and follow-up. Rooted in the principles of legality, accountability, and ethical conduct, the MOLC seeks to equip military officers and legal professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex intersection of law and warfare.


  • Build the capacity of military forces in the region.
  • Establish operational dialogue with selected countries military and security issues and operations in the Asia Pacific region.


The course targets a diverse range of participants from military establishment specifically the middle operational and legal staff officers (Lieutenant to Major) with operational backgrounds.


25 - 27 September 2024
(25 September 2024 - check in & registration,
27 September 2024 - checkout)


08.00 AM - 16.30 PM
(Malaysian Time GMT +8)


To be confirmed
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