In the contemporary global landscape, the demand for effective Peace Support Operations (PSOs) has become increasingly paramount. As conflicts evolve and international peacekeeping efforts continue to be deployed worldwide, there is a growing need for legal professionals with specialized knowledge in Peace Support Operation Law. PSO Law encompasses a complex set of legal frameworks, international agreements, and operational guidelines that govern the conduct of peacekeeping missions, ensuring adherence to human rights, international law, and the principles of conflict resolution. Understanding the legal intricacies involved in peace support operations is crucial for practitioners, military personnel, diplomats, and legal advisors engaged in or contributing to international peacekeeping efforts. This specialized field requires a comprehensive grasp of diverse legal instruments, ranging from the United Nations Charter and Security Council resolutions to bilateral agreements and customary international law.
The module is divided into several section which includes the aspect of legal foundations, operational guidelines, international organizations, human rights protection, conflict resolution, and case studies. Lecturer will set the foundation by providing comprehensive lectures covering key concepts in each module. Multimedia presentations, case studies, and real-life examples will be used to enhance understanding of each modules
At the end of the course, participants will have:
  1. A comprehensive understanding of the legal framework governing PSOs and the importance of IHL in promoting respect for human rights and protecting civilians.
  2. The ability to identify situations where IHL applies and to apply IHL principles in their operations.
  3. The skills to prevent and respond to violations of IHL in PSOs, including the ability to report and investigate such violations.
  4. The knowledge to engage in dialogue with other stakeholders involved in PSOs, including humanitarian organizations, governments, and local communities.


Officers and enlisted personnel engaged in peacekeeping missions, including commanders, legal advisors, and staff officers, Legal Professionals, Policy Makers, NGO Representatives and Graduate Students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the legal aspects of peace support operations


13 - 15 November 2024
(13 November 2024 - check in & registration,
15 November 2024 - checkout)


08.00 AM - 16.30 PM
(Malaysian Time GMT +8)


To be confirmed
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